Ceilings and New Discoveries

Yes, it has been a while. A long long while. We had many things going on in the kitchen during our “break”. We managed to finish priming and painting the walls! Our next step was installing our beadboard panels. We bought them at Lowe’s and look like this. We put them up ourselves, those heavy things! First thing’s first, we bought a stud finder to make sure we were going to nail these into the stud – and not the drywall/plaster. We also used Liquid Nails to ensure that these guys weren’t going to fall down. We then caulked the seams and nails. Once dry, we primed and painted with Valspar Ultra White Semi Gloss.



Once we put up the cabinets, we’ll go back in and finish the ceiling. We want to add crown moulding and trim.


Now on the the floors! Please excuse the quality of these photos. They were taken at night with an iPhone…iPhone 4s…Anyway, we got out our crowbars and mallet and went to work! Of course nothing with this house comes easy…top layer is vinyl floors, underneath two layers of linoleum floors. THEN the magical wood floors that looked to be in wonderful condition!

woodfloors_v2_900x1200 woodfloors_v3_900x1200


But now, we get to find all of these little suckers and pull them out of the floors. It’s not easy. And we haven’t found any good tools to really pull these out. First we grabbed the typical items, pliers, flathead screwdriver and a hammer (when I was angry at the staples). Saw a couple of videos to see if there was an easier way to remove them. After watching this one, I decided to buy the diagonal pliers and they still didn’t work! We’re taking a break to see what else we can do.




  1. anmarie o'leary /m o m

    November 2, 2015 at 12:19 am

    Alot of hard work , , Hardwood floors look good
    Payoff results will be great
    Keep up the good work
    Love mom XXOO xxxooo

  2. Auntie Sue

    November 28, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Oh my!
    You are doing an awesome job!
    I love it.

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