Kitchen Budget (Smuget)

As we embark on finishing up this kitchen reno. For my sake, I needed to take a good hard look at our kitchen budget and get a good dose of reality and financial planning.

I initially budgeted $10,000 for the entire kitchen remodel. Which included:

  1. Appliances (washer, dryer, fridge, oven and dishwasher)
  2. Flooring
  3. Cabinets
  4. Countertops
  5. Sink & Range Hood
  6. Light Fixtures
  7. Electric and Plumbing
  8. Misc (tools & supplies)

Yes, this budget was quite ambitious. I might have been kidding myself. But, I really really thought that we could do this. Here’s the breakdown of what I thought it would cost.

Here’s what it actually cost.

We were headed off to a great start! I thought we got a good deal for the appliances, seeing as we got five items for under $4,000). As for the cabinets, we purchased them from Ikea. But, we had to purchase more. While my measurements weren’t wrong, per-se (I based them off of the old cabinetry, which were custom), the new Ikea cabinets are not. So, we had to make adjustments to make them look custom. Soapstone I got for a STEAL! Normally, they are about $80 per sq. ft here in Richmond. I found a guy on Craigslist and got an amazing deal. I wasn’t able to get large slabs, but Derek and I made it work for our kitchen. We purchased enough flooring for our entire kitchen. Later, we found out that we only needed to replace half of them. We still have about 400 sq. ft left of flooring, which can be used in other areas of the house (maybe our master bedroom).

The biggest thing that I wasn’t factoring was how much we were going to spend on tools and supplies. We purchased so many tools, saws, miter saws, air compressor, nail guns, staple guns, belt sander, orbital sander, wrench thingys, and much, much more. The $4,045 was much more than I anticipated, but we just kept buying things because of everything we had to do in our kitchen. Here’s a small list of everything we’ve done:

  • Scrap off oil paint
  • Put up a wall
  • Prime and paint
  • Move range hood vent up (included making a new hole for the vent in the brick wall)
  • Remove old plaster and replace with drywall
  • Install beadboard ceiling
  • Install light fixtures
  • Remove all old cabinets/countertops
  • Remove old floors
  • Install new floors and refinish (twice)
  • Add electrical outlets for dishwasher and garbage disposal
  • Add plumbing for garbage disposal and dishwasher
  • Install cabinets
  • Install soapstone countertops

What we have left to do?

  • Install crown moulding
  • Put together kitchen island
  • Install baseboards
  • Install wood beam
  • Install backsplash

The only thing we have left to purchase is the backsplash (including tools and supplies) and things for the island. I’m not counting the dining room table or counter stools in this budget.

Altogether, I’m hoping that our entire kitchen remodel will cost just under $14,000. While I’m sure that it’s still impressive for us to have done our entire kitchen for under $15k, I’m still a little disappointed that we couldn’t stick to our budget. I mean, I was such a bridezilla when it came to the budget for our wedding. Is it bad that our kitchen budget is a lot less than our wedding budget? I guess that sort of makes me feel better.

Yes, the kitchen is coming along and we hope to have the big reveal before Christmas!


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