Kitchen Reno

Our first big project is the kitchen – which is a complete renovation. According to the mass collection of HGTV shows, redoing a kitchen is easy! We thought that all we needed to do was paint the walls, tear down the cabinets and and ta-da! Everything else magically comes together.

But like our home-buying process, this kitchen renovation is a mess. First, we discovered the lovely off-white paint started to peel off the walls. Google confirmed my suspicions, the previous owners used latex paint over oil paint – without even attempting to prime it. The entire kitchen, trim and ceiling have to get a thorough peeling. But before we did any sanding, I did a lead paint test and it came back negative.



This is setback. We have to remove all of the latex paint, sand and prime. It’s a lot of prep work, and we had to buy more supplies to get this done right.


Even though I liked this open shelving, it would have looked awkward with pantry cabinets. So, we built a wall. This is how we’d like this spot to look. Hopefully, it’ll look like a custom-built area for the fridge, pantry and cabinets.


Let the demo begin!



It didn’t take long for Derek to rip down these shelves. Google, our savior provided us with all of the answers we needed on how to put up drywall. It’s a relatively easy process. The only problem was getting the supplies.






Derek surprised me with this love note written on the studs of our wall.


Here’s our work-in-progress before and after.


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  1. mom O'Leary

    August 14, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    Wow!!!!! You guys are doing sooooo much , looking real good,
    So proud of you two!
    Love Mom XXxxOOoo

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