Plaster woes

Our kitchen renovation still isn’t complete. It’s been over two months. Yes, two whole months! And we keep getting farther and farther behind on completing this thing.

When it was first brought to my attention that we had plaster walls in this house. My first thought was, “Oh, crap. It’s going to be a nightmare to even try to hang things on our walls” But now I know that’s the least of my worries. You see, plaster walls has some great benefits. It’s fire and mold resistant, and it’s super thick. But the cons? Well, after years it can just crumble and fall apart. And there’s really no easy way to fix it.

Yep, we got the cons alright. After we finally patched up the holes and the cracks. We were sanding down the walls prepping them for paint…when oh wait, we need to remove the baseboards.



Let’s just say that the baseboards were nailed on there pretty good. Plaster isn’t supposed to crumble that easily. Now, not only do we have to keep on trucking with removing the baseboards, we have to repair the plaster walls.

This is why couples get divorced.

I want to just rip down all of the plaster walls and put up drywall. Derek wants to keep the plaster and put in drywall where it’s needed. To get this to look seamless is almost impossible. Derek doesn’t mind. But I do. I want things to look smooth. 


People are always amazed when we mention that we plan on doing all of this ourselves. I never understood why until now. Because renovations suck. It takes double – triple the amount of time to get it done, something always goes wrong, and you almost always have to buy new tools to get it done right.

I guess I’ll be posting the “Afters” in a few weeks.


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