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Ugly Shed Project

When we moved into the house during our early occupancy our shed was locked from the previous owner but we figured that we would open it once we officially got the house. We weren’t in too much of rush to open the shed since we figured it was probably full of trash and that we should probably just get rid of the junky shed anyway.

Months later when we finally closed on the house and I began to look forward to the day I might be able to tackle the “Ugly Shed Project”. Little did I know that a freak afternoon rain/thunderstorm would sweep down our street and cause havoc. As the storm died down Zenia happened to look out the kitchen window and saw that our entire shed was missing! I was on my way back home from a work event when I got the unbelievable call from Zenia saying that it was completely gone. I thought she must be joking.

I rushed home and saw that neighbors were in the street surveying the damage from the storm. As I turned into our driveway I found that indeed, the shed was no longer in our yard but actually crunched up against our neighbor’s garage. I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to make some sense of what I was seeing.


To make matter worse the shed happened to skip across Zenia’s car while it made its journey into the neighbor’s yard. There were scratches and dents across the top of the roof but the windows were spared. We still need to get Zenia’s car touched up but we feel lucky that the damage wasn’t worse.

The shed itself was damaged, now useless. And the precious trash that it was once protecting was now littered everywhere. After formally introducing ourselves to our neighbors, they were kind enough to help us pry off our shed from their garage.




Once we came to terms with what had just happened, we immediately grabbed our mallets and took to taking the apart the shed. It wasn’t long before we had a pile of metal pieces.






Over the next few days we had scrap metal guys coming over to collect the pieces from us and loading up their trucks. Leading us to the question how much does scrap metal go for?


It was a real round about away but we did manage to get rid of the shed. (A little sooner than we expected). We are hoping to make the best of our new space in the yard and maybe make a raised flowerbed for next spring. We’ll keep you updated on the former shed area as we work on it.

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