Living Room Built-ins

I will be posting photos of our finished kitchen, once it’s cleaned and spotless. For right now, it’s the living room built ins! This all started because we have a closed up fireplace. It’s closed up in the living room but it’s opened on the other side, the master bedroom.

We initially didn’t want to touch the fireplace. We thought that since it was “original” to the house, that it should be something to feature. After much Pintresting and Houzzing, I couldn’t find a fireplace option that worked with a TV. We didn’t really want to put the TV above the fireplace, since our space is a little small, we would be straining our necks. I thought that doing built-ins around the fireplace would look nice and that way we could still keep the fireplace. But, after much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that a non-working fireplace actually does nothing but eat up space. So, we covered it all up.



We thought that once the tiles were removed that we could lay down wood floors. As it turns out, the cement under the hearth didn’t align with the subfloor. Our solution was just to leave it at that and have our built-ins come out farther than we had anticipated. We trucked ahead and built-out the wall to cover the fireplace. We used fire-resistant drywall because there is a working fireplace on the other side.



Once the drywall was up, we then started to stud out the sides of the wall for the TV. We also built a platform for the TV and to cover the hearth.




Word of advice, make sure feed in ALL of your electrical before you drywall and test it! We thought that we had this figured out. But we did not and had to unscrew some of the drywall screws to feed in our electrical wires. Good thing we didn’t mud right away! To help hide away things like our server and modem we opted for stock cabinets from Lowe’s. We sanded, primed and painted the doors and drawer fronts.



To add height for the TV, we used an old Ikea cabinet that we had from our apartment. It just happened to fit perfectly in our space and it will hold our cable box along with other electronics.



Here it is! We added crown moulding, baseboard and trim. It actually was pretty easy once we got started. We super happy that we built this just to hold our nick-nacks!







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