Soapstone Countertops (part 2)

We’re alive! Just barely. While we did get most of the kitchen finished. We’ve been extremely lax on updating the blog. Which, I do hope that we’ll get better at over the next few months as we have big ideas for our charming little brick home.

So, here’s the grand reveal of the soapstone countertops! The soapstone is darker in these photos because they’ve just been oiled and waxed. Overtime, soapstone will darken naturally, mostly because of oily hands. An option to help darken the soapstone is to occasionally use mineral oil or beeswax. I just pick up stuff for butcher-block counters- which we have on our island and it works for both!


I love our soapstone countertops. I love that it’s from Virginia, easy and low-maintenance, I put hot pots on them all the time and it’s a natural stone. However, I hate all the seams that we have. We probably could have prevented maybe one, but being first-time countertop installers, I guess I can just chalk this up as a learning experience.




We can just admire them from far away.


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